“I wanted to write thank you for your recommendation. I have been using Percoba for over a year and have not gotten a cold as I normally do each year. I also have more energy and less joint pain. I am in my late fifties and never felt better. Thanks again." Sam.T. Texas

"I suffer from chronic fatigue and have tried numerous health products and prescription medications. A friend recommended I try colostrum and after researching the internet I found this site about Percoba. I tried the product and after several weeks noticed my fatigue was much less and I was much more alert. I continue to use the product and believe it has given me better skin complexion as well."
Michelle S. Iowa

"I have been suffering with colitis for months. About 2 weeks ago I began to take Percoba Colostrum on your recommendation and within 2 days began to have normal bowels. Gradually my digestive tract has gotten bet. I believe it has been the colostrum that has made the improvement and I have more energy than before the attack of colitis. 
Abby R. Florida