We have selected Percoba Colostrum as our Best Colostrum Supplement due to its purity, reputation, testimonials, and cost.

PerCoBa™ may well be the only pure, unaltered and uncompromised bovine colostrum in the market today. Over forty years of product-specific studies present scientific evidence that support PerCoBa's safety, efficacy and health-related claims. Dr. Richard Cockrum, developer of PerCoBa, has dedicated himself to the science and research necessary to prove the many health benefits that true colostrum offers. He is considered the father of modern colostrum. His research revealed that 80% of all active biological components are captured in the first collection, within the initial six-hour window. After that small window, collections are transitional milk. Without question, it is the only one made to our exacting high standards for both potency and purity. Even lactose intolerant individuals report that there are no negative reactions due to PerCoBa’s dedication to the ideal sources, collection time and balance. PerCoBa is colostrum; not transitional milk, not whey, not milk. People who are dedicated to maximum quality of life will want to use the only true colostrum, which is PerCoBa.”

There are dozens of biologically active substances in PerCoBa, each in balance for an optimal total result. Consequently, PerCoBa is a broad spectrum nutritional supplement for basic preventative health as well as a nutraceutical for a variety of specific health conditions. 

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Best Colostrum Supplement- Percoba Colostrum

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